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父母 and family play a vital role in their student’s education. By keeping the lines of communication open, parents can encourage their sons and daughters to get involved in all aspects of college life from the classroom to student activities, 社区服务, 和体育.

Our goal is to create a continuing partnership between 重点大学 and the parents and family of our students from their first semester at Keystone through graduation. 在我们的帮助下, students can learn how to set goals, develop a sense of purpose and integrity, and make good decisions in tough situations.

Helpful Resources

Parent and Family Portal

The Keystone Family Experience is a new way to stay involved with your student and 重点大学.

Your one-stop shop for:

  • Access to important campus news and deadlines
  • Personalized newsletters on your schedule
  • Announcements via email and text message
  • Sharing of updates with friends and family

Accepted Students Resources

Important links and numbers for accepted students.

Sign Up for Alerts

Get text or email alerts through our Wireless Emergency Notification System to be notified of weather closings and emergency situations.

Calculate Tuition

The Net Price Calculator is designed to help you estimate financial aid options at 重点大学.


访问 餐厅 Services’ Gift University to send a gift to your son or daughter.


Manage your child’s financial needs at school by adding cash to their KeyKard.

First-generation Students

Let us help you and your student navigate your way through the college process. You are not alone.

Contact 学生中心

学生中心, a one-stop center for student services includes financial aid, 注册商, and student accounts.

计划参观? 了解更多.

Department 目录

See our Department 目录 for a full list of offices on campus.


Do you need assistance? Submit your question and get help from one of our representatives.

More Tips for 父母

Parental support is important to the success of students.  We offer various tips to help you help your son or daughter, achieve his or her best.

Help us to help your student.

  • Become a partner with us in the success of your student
  • Understand that adjusting to the college experience and workload can be stressful
  • Learn what college life is like and what to expect
  • Prepare to deal with your student’s homesickness and perhaps your own “empty nest” syndrome
  • Attend Family Day, if possible, scheduled for approximately 3-4 weeks into the semester
  • Encourage your student to ask questions
  • Suggest that your student become familiar with campus
  • Emphasize the importance of 吃 well, exercising, and getting enough sleep
  • Encourage your student to put together a weekly schedule that includes time for classes, 研究, 吃, 社交活动, 和睡觉
  • Emphasize the importance of getting used to the amount of reading early in the semester and caution your student about procrastinating
  • Remind your student that help is available from advisors, 辅导员, 教师, 导师, residence hall staff, 和其他人
  • Encourage your student to attend athletic events and student activities
  • Stay in touch with your student, but also allowing them room to grow